What Makes Viva Bahriya Popular Among Residents And Investors?

One of the main precincts within The Pearl - Qatar development is Viva Bahriya, consisting of large residential complexes and breathtaking views. The plan envisions a prestigious landmark residential mixed-use building on a man-made island in the Arabian Gulf, some 20 kilometres north of urban Doha. 

One can look for the Viva Bahriya rent near Centrale resort, which lies on a tiny island in the middle of the lagoon. It is connected to the residential towers (Vivah Bahriya Tower 12, Vivah Bahriya Tower 19) with fantastic views of the newly constructed beachside lagoon.

The Viva Bahriya Precinct's architectural design combines five distinctive Latin and African Mediterranean styles to create an eclectic and energising residential development. As a result, a classy and sophisticated product that offers Doha and the state of Qatar a chic living environment at the forefront of world residential architecture has been created.

A Man-Made Splendour 

Viva Bahriya is a distinctive neighbourhood next to the Arabian Gulf, widely known as the beachside villa. It comprises (29) twenty-nine magnificent, regal towers with top-notch residences and cutting-edge services. Due to its excellent and neutral finishing, the exterior colours of the buildings are particularly eye-pleasing. Residents can enjoy a private beach in the centre of the neighbourhood both in the summer and the winter.