Whether you are looking to let your property, you will be thoroughly prepared every step of the way and in the best position to get the best return possible from your real estate.

2. Obtain an Accurate Valuation

Find out how much your property is worth before listing it on the market. You can use various online valuation tools to do this. Still, we recommend working with a local estate agent to arrange a personalised visit in order to obtain a valuation that accurately reflects the latest market conditions.

3. Find the Right Tenants

It’s every landlord’s dream to find a high quality tenant who truly appreciates the property and has no qualms about payment structure or other tenancy requirements.

To help you do this, make sure you run comprehensive background checks and request character references. Your prospective tenants must also provide the following in order to rent your property:

  • A valid Qatar residence permit or ID card
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your employer’s or sponsor’s ID card
  • A chequebook with at least 13 blank cheques from a Qatari bank account

4. Complete and Register the Tenancy

Upon signing the tenancy agreement, you must register the tenancy with Municipality or make sure your estate agent completes this for you. You will need to provide them with a copy of your tenancy contract, the landlord’s ID, and the title deed.

5. Look After Your Property

Take good care of your real estate — as if it’s your own home. Not only will it keep your tenants happy and improve occupancy rate, but you can also turn your property into a lucrative investment portfolio and build long-term growth.

Consider scheduling routine inspections to ensure health and safety compliance at all times and identify opportunities for early repairs to save costs.

It’s also a good idea to hire professional cleaners to maintain the premium quality of your property and enhance your tenant’s experience.

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