Whether you are looking to sell a property our step- by-step guide can help you secure the best price for your property.

1. Clean and Prepare Your Property

Start with the exterior. Check for small cracks, discoloured patches, dust and dirt. Invest in a neutral coat of paint and give your property a fresh new look. Pressure wash all exterior surfaces and tidy up the landscaping to create an excellent first impression for potential buyers.

As for the interior design, go for a deep spring clean and eliminate all clutter. Organise the inside of your closets and cabinets and create as much space as you can to showcase the storage capacity of your property.  

Clean, tidy, and bright open spaces can significantly increase the appeal of your property. Brighten up your home with warm and natural lighting by deep cleaning the windows, swapping dark lamp shades for lighter ones, and replacing dim light bulbs with brighter ones.

2. De-personalise Your Property

It helps if your potential buyers can see themselves living in your property with their loved ones. Try to present your home in a neutral way by putting away your personal items like family photos or personal keepsakes. 

It’s also worth hiring a home staging professional to showcase the full potential of your home. 

If you're planning an open house, consider sending your pets to a pet hotel for the day.

3. Remove Signs of Pets

Not everyone is a pet lover — and a well-presented home without traces of your pets will show potential buyers your home is always clean and comfortable.

Put away any food bowls, cat litter, toys or other pet items. Vacuum your floors and other surfaces regularly to get rid of loose hairs. Arrange a deep clean to get rid of any stains on carpets, curtains and soft furnishings, too.

4. Appraise Your Property

It is important to know how much your property is worth before listing it on the market. You can use our free valuation tool online to help you with this, but we also recommend having an experienced realtor carry out a property appraisal. This will help price your property appropriately and ensure maximum return.

5. List and Market Your Property

A comprehensive marketing plan can help your property stand out from the crowd and attract as many potential buyers as possible. 

Organise professional photography and videography for your property, and prepare a well-written description, so that you’re ready to promote it anytime and on any marketing channel.

6. Create a Welcoming First Impression

First impressions count, especially when you’re selling a property in a competitive market like Doha.

To add a touch of blissful charm to your property, consider putting up simple decorations like photo frames, a vase of flowers, or candle jars in your hallways or bedrooms. Remember — keep it simple to maximise the neutral space presented to your potential buyers.

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