Looking for new land and development projects in Doha?

At The Pearl Gates, we take an integrated approach and work closely with our local network to guarantee success for our clients in a competitive market.

We focus relentlessly on securing your ideal locations, delivering your specified configurations, and optimising the value of your project — whether it’s a finished lot with huge re-development potential or empty land with unlimited possibilities.

We offer the following services for all new land and development projects:

  • Planning consultancy
  • Design and build management
  • Multi-channel marketing & advertising
  • Sale and acquisition
  • Quality assurance
  • Property management services

We can help you plan your new real estate project based on the following cost considerations:

  • Land Purchase
  • Legal, Title & Closing
  • Appraisal

  • A & E
  • Other Professional Services

  • Permits and Fees
  • Others

  • Constructions
  • Developers Fee
  • Parking
  • Fixture, Equipment, Furnishing

  • Property Maintenance & Service Charge
  • Operating Cost
  • Financing Cost
  • Working Capital
  • Marketing & Leasing
  • Others

  • Lease Commissions / Fees
  • Others

We can also help plan your project timeline with a simple tool that takes the following into considerations:

Total Project Time


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