An In-Depth Look At the Key Attractions of Al Maha Island

Prepare for endless entertainment and excitement while visiting Qatar during the World Cup Football 2022 and beyond. The key attractions of Al Maha Island, Qatar, have been the most awaited destination for family vacations. Comprising a host of amenities, including the best amusement parks and plays areas, malls, museums, football fan zones, and more, Al Maha Island, Qatar, is all about excitement and fun for everyone in the family. To increase tourism in Qatar and provide the finest vacation experience during and after the football world cup, IHG and Qatar tourist authorities have planned the Al Maha Island location to offer families a truly one stop destination for thrill and adventure. 

Paradise On Earth

Al Maha Island will become Qatar's newest entertainment hub thanks to a plan launched by the Investment Holding Group on May 9th, 2022. The action aims to advance tourism and develop a high-tech entertainment area for visitors. 

Elegancia, an IHG company, and IMG are in charge of the project to build the 120 000 square metres of Al Maha Island in conjunction with the Qatar Tourism Authority. The goal of the initiative is to draw tourists to Al Maha Island. According to estimates, the Island in Qatar will attract more than 1.5 million tourists a year. The popularity of Al Maha Island is also greatly attributed to its location, which is adjacent to Place Vendome.

This crowning jewel of the high-tech city of Lusail has everything from kid-friendly activities to adrenaline-pumping coasters, from fine dining and live performance venues to a la carte eateries! It’s nothing less than a paradise for food lovers boasting a variety of internationally renowned eateries and bars, including Zuma, Nammos Beach Club, Em Sherif, Billionaire, and others. 

Along with restaurants and white sand beaches, Al Maha Island also features a circus, outdoor ice skating rink, theatre performances, and Lusail Winter Wonderland, which boasts more than 50 mind-blowing rides and attractions. It is located close to two incredibly luxurious hotels. 

Lux Living On Al Maha Island

Al Maha is a High-End District and unquestionably a hub for people who enjoy the finest cuisine on earth. The Island has compiled the best flavours of Asian, Lebanese, and Turkish cuisine in its list of 12 high-end restaurants, each of which is renowned for its worldwide menu. 

These prestigious restaurants in Qatar are famous for their top-notch amenities and services. The restaurant's ambience, vibe, food, and aura are ideal for a family meal in Qatar. 

Here are some of the best cafes and eateries in Al Maha Island, Qatar, where you can sample a fine selection of exotic cuisines:


The well-known French eatery and bar LPM, which has Mediterranean influences, has arrived at Al Maha to provide viewers of FIFA world cup matches a culinary tour through the southern parts of France and the Mediterranean Sea's shores.

Em Sherif 

The menu will be completed by a spectacular Levant restaurant serving fine dining and traditional Lebanese cuisine and styled to resemble an Oriental Mansion. The restaurant has locations in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and London, in addition to Lebanon, where it has earned awards.


A well-known bar and nightclub named Billionaire offer upmarket dining, vibrant nightlife, and a special show with unique entertainment that deftly combines outstanding performances, delicious food, and exceptional service. Stars and renowned people enjoy taking vacations here. The restaurant Billionaire on Al Maha Island is a favourite among travellers seeking fine meals in a unique ambience. 


A Turkish tavern on Al Maha Island that serves a selection of mezze and Turkish cuisine. The eatery is renowned for its excellent design, incorporating components from traditional oriental and contemporary western designs.

A Great Investment Opportunity In the Qatari Estate Market

Al Maha Island has been attracting investors globally and locally. Its thoughtfully designed homes and unique lifestyle are key to the fantastic investment opportunity it offers.