One bedroom apartment In The Pearl Island

We took great pleasure in coming up with original interior design solutions that would last forever, transforming not only places but also lifestyles. Let us help you make your home more exquisite.

Elegantly designed one bedroom apartment

This delightful 1-bedroom apartment offers a partial view of the sea. It is designed to provide a comfortable and stylish living space. Located in the heart of the beautiful pearl island, you can enjoy year-round comfort with the central air conditioning and heating system. The apartment also offers luxurious private amenities, such as a shared pool, gym, and dedicated security personnel, ensuring a safe and tranquil environment. With convenient access to various commercial amenities, this apartment is perfectly situated to meet your everyday needs. With a spacious size of 125.00 square meters, this well-maintained unit is ready for you to move in and offers a perfect combination of elegance and functionality.


The primary objective was to design a space that not only felt luxurious but also met the requirements of the client. As our objective is to design spaces that are not only visually appealing but also provide a high return on investment.

Scoop of work:

Our aim involved in creating a modern, functional, and visually pleasing living space within an existing area. This includes tasks such as space planning, selecting materials, and arranging furniture. To begin, we carefully assessed the current layout of the apartment, identifying areas that could be improved while considering the client's preferences and needs. Once design concepts were developed, we chose color schemes, finishes, and materials that aligned with the client's vision. The next step involved removing and replacing existing elements according to the agreed-upon design plan. Finally, we procured and installed furniture, fixtures, and accessories that matched the approved design concept. A thorough inspection was conducted to ensure that all design elements were properly installed and functioning.

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