If you need property scoring to ascertain the actual value and benefits of a property in Qatar, Pearl Gates can help.

Realising the value of a property needs an expert eye to appraise and rate it against common standards. This is a job that is most effectively done by experts in Qatar Real Estate who know the area and its property in precise detail.

Why use Project Scoring system?

Our property investment analysis is built on our understanding of the market, which we channel into a rating system that has been proven time and time again to be both accurate and useful. This provides you with a project rating tool that puts you ahead of the competition and improves the quality of your decision making.

How Pearl Gates project scoring works?

We can take your internal findings from independent research and use this in our project rating system to help you score projects. These scores may be against factors such as capital appreciation and property income levels. You may also display trends and values of the market in the same system, with data being pulled in from the CRM.

Effective, powerful project ratings let your business and investments thrive.


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