If you are a developer or investor in real estate in Qatar, you’ll need a precise tool to help you manage the ratings of your project — and know for sure you are getting the value you expect.

The Pearl Gates are Doha’s property experts, and we have an expert’s insight into Qatar real estate. This means we can help you understand your real estate project at a granular and actionable level, with a Project Rating system that gives you all the information you need.

How does the Pearl Gates project rating work?

Our Project rating service is based on actual client assessments. We use carefully designed questionnaires, refined over years of practice, to gather the most relevant and truthful insights into the properties and projects at hand.

Presenting the benefits of your project

These survey questionnaires are issued to the clients who have bought or leased their property in a particular project through the Pearl Gates, conducted through SMS for ease of use. This guarantees a high response rate. Once completed, results are fed into the CRM, where we can appraise them according to each category, such as money value, income generation and capital appreciation. 

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