Georgious Oikonomitsios

Sales Property Advisor

Self-motivated and passionate about learning and growing in life, with more than 20 years of demonstrated history in hospitality, marketing and management.

Georgious has had many opportunities to learn and improve his expertise, whether through training, specialized workshops that he has taken part in or with everyday interactions with customers across the globe.

He came to realize the importance of technology working for people and not the opposite.

For any company or institution to add value to society, it is imperative to focus on creating cognitively easy and effortless products and services. This is achievable by recognizing there are harder problems requiring empathy and emotional intelligence that only people can solve.

This is why he chose Real Estate, since it provides him with an opportunity to establish connections and meet people with different ethnicity, cultures and backgrounds. It enables him to understand the diversity and the fundamentals of the country’s geopolitical operations and growth, while promoting the well being of the people living in it or looking forward to increasing its investment capital.

Come join him in this beautiful journey.

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