Will multifamily properties be your greatest 2020 investment?

Multifamily properties are becoming a real hit amongst Millenials and professionals due to their close proximity to countless amenities such as schools, malls and hospitals. Making multi-home city complexes the perfect place for renting in 2020. Whilst proposing a great investment option for those looking for consistent, high rental returns.

Without hesitation, let’s take a look at the current Qatar real estate market and its effects on the multifamily investment industry. Not forgetting to cover how you can create long term wealth through its ingenious benefits.

A rewarding core private equity option

Renting is on the rise with an increasing number of mortgage-free families, retirees looking to downsize and jet-setting execs looking for flexible living options. Making the multifamily investment market a low-risk, sustainable and cash flow happy option for your property portfolio.

This low-risk, viable investment solution has seen an average annual return of 9.75% between 1992-2018 according to CBRE. Whilst Investopedia’s research found that Monopoly stock corporations such as S&P have generated a lower average annual return of 7.96% over the last six decades. Setting multifamily property investment as the best and most worthwhile option in the growing Qatar real estate market, seeing investors gaining the highest NET incomes on apartments in prime locations.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 and its effects on the Qatar real estate market

The Qatari government’s financial consolidation has provoked a recent softening of the Qatar real estate market on the lead up to the FIFA World Cup, set to bring substantial amounts of attention to Qatar. With the oil-rich country’s focuses being primarily on the development of their infrastructure with the construction of several stadiums, 2 new cities, roads and much more. Also contributing to a somewhat oversupply of hotel accommodation and rental housing options, causing a dip in rental prices.

According to the Q2 2019 real estate market review, the Qatar rental sector saw a 6.3% annual decline in capital ventures, albeit 0.8% when compared to quarterly figures. Although, Anum Hasan, Senior Market Research Analyst at ValuStrat, Qatar has enlightened the situation. He stated that “the downtrend could further stop and the rentals and unit prices could both stabilise and hit a plateau by mid or end of 2020” and “it will continue to remain stable until the FIFA World Cup”. Proving that whilst there’s a current softening to the rental and multifamily properties market, it isn’t something investors should be wary of. Since the market is forecasted to stabilise in later 2020.

Starting on your path to successful multifamily investment

Before embarking on your new journey, it’s always best to speak to a multifamily investment expert to get a clear picture of what to expect. Rami Wali, CEO of The Pearl Gates has gladly announced a refined, highly innovative private equity option for investors in 2020. Making the process from enquiry to great monthly rental returns that much easier. With the ultimate goal of “setting the highest NET operating income” for investors in Qatar and across the world.

The Pearl Gates, experts in the field of Qatar multifamily investment property are truly setting the benchmark and have countless happy clients to prove it. Their team of experienced realtors offer hands-on advice, helping you take your place in the Qatar real estate market as a winning long-term investor.

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