Why is investment in Dubai property more rewarding than in other global markets?

When you invest in bricks and mortar, you look at the long-term benefits. There’s nothing worse than finding out you could get more for your money elsewhere, and your income simply isn’t building.  

Several key attributes draw investors, many from the EU, to Dubai’s property market. Our leading Dubai real estate agents, examine them here.

Is it time to choose a safer route to real estate success?

Dubai’s property market isn’t built on mortgages alone

Over many years, a trend in cash buying has taken over Dubai’s property market. It is easy to see why considering that you save on paying mortgage interest when you buy in cash. 

According to the Dubai Land Department, mortgage transactions fell by 27% in the first quarter of 2022. It is a property market bolstered by real wealth and seasoned investors, not by the volatility of mortgages.