What to do when a client contacts regarding a sold home

Too many agents disregard calls after a listing has been sold. Instead, use it as a chance and a starting point to add value.

The best properties always sell quickly, regardless of market conditions. Numerous inquiries and requests to view home are received by listing agents, but frequently, the house in question is already under contract.

Typical agents inform the prospective buyer that the house has been sold, and then the conversation ends. There is no follow-up and no proactive effort to assist the buyer in finding another home.

When a lead calls to inquire about a property under contract, many agents miss an opportunity to add value because they report the property as sold.

We are also aware that most agents either fail to follow up with their leads or fall into the habit of simply opening doors for buyers.

But the reality is that these buyers had genuine intent to purchase a home and wanted to view a particular house that sold too quickly.

In this case, the agent must ask relevant questions and keep the relationship progressing. In this situation, consider the two possible outcomes and respond accordingly to your clients.

Remember to inquire whether the client is already working with an agent. Some buyers requesting information are already under contract with other agents, and those agents are unaware that their clients are requesting information on listings in their market.

Respond to the buyer who is unaware that the property has been sold.

Suppose the buyer is unaware that the home has been placed under contract. Inform them of the house's current status and that you are willing to examine whether backup offers will be accepted. Before calling the customer back, comparable research listings and suggest an alternative listing.

By being proactive and providing value, you have identified additional homes that could be a good fit for your client and continued the conversation after selling the first home.

Assist the buyer who believes the property has been sold but is calling to confirm.
If the buyer calls to confirm that an offer has been accepted or a contract has been signed, use the script below to advance the relationship.

Hello, client. The home you inquired about has already been sold, but I can contact the listing agent to ask about any contingencies. I can also inquire as to whether it is still possible to tour the home and possibly submit a backup offer. This will position us as the No. 2 buyer if the current buyer backs out.

Use the script to identify other comparable homes that the buyer may be interested in after researching, as mentioned earlier on the subject home. When people call real estate agents, they seek guidance through one of the most stressful experiences of their lives.

Utilize a consultation.

If new clients frequently disappear after you show them home, you are likely failing to guide them on how to navigate this complex market. Because they successfully guide their clients through the real estate process, agents who show homes to clients and invite them into the office to discuss numbers and possibilities typically thrive.

A consultation can serve a similar function and ensure that your client leaves the showing with an understanding of how you can assist them.

Hey Client. Agent X from The Pearl Gates. Your showing has been scheduled for this afternoon at 4 p.m., and I was wondering if you could stick around for about 15 minutes afterward to explain how this process will work and how I can assist you in navigating this market.

Describe The Procedure

Discuss the following topics to help the client understand what he's getting into.

  • A summary of the procedure
  • Required measures to make an offer
  • current market conditions
  • What sets you apart from other agents

Throughout the process, distinguish yourself by going above and beyond what other agents typically do. According to the data, most agents do not follow up with their leads and prospects, thereby missing opportunities to build long-lasting relationships. Utilize every opportunity to engage leads and customers by exceeding their expectations with value.

The real estate market is complex and volatile, and your clients are seeking a guide who can assist them in navigating this critical transaction.

Ramy Wali


Ramy is a devoted professional with over 11 years of experience in retail, project management, and business consulting...

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