Real estate investment in Qatar is Sky high

Real estate investment in Qatar is Sky high!

More property investors than ever before, are investing in Qatar real estate. But why are they choosing to buy property in the prosperous natural-gas state over other international markets?

Qatar is the rising star

The small but substantial state has positioned itself as an international powerhouse. Making its way to the top of many global lists, not just in real estate, but in tourism and business as well. Named as the Middle East’s Most Competitive by the World Economic Forum. Alongside seizing the title of “World’s Strongest Bank” from the Qatar Financial Centre. Proving that Qatar is a rising nation beyond doubts. Therefore, many investors surge to share Qatar’s growing success.

Strong infrastructure

With Qatar hosting the fast-approaching 2022 World Cup, the government has put in place an infrastructure plan that is a stop short of gigantic. Since being named host in 2010, Qatar has been building eight new stadiums. Alongside new highways, bridges and even entire townships. Showing to investors that their real estate investments in Qatar extend beyond mere property holdings, encompassing a prosperous, continuously expanding economy.

Expatriates trust Qatar real estate

Qatar draws numerous global residents due to the state having “the world’s highest per-capita income and virtually no unemployment. The standard of living is therefore very high” (source: Property Frontiers). And it causes a positive knock-on effect in the real estate market. Thus, Qatar increased its demand for affordable, yet luxurious homes. With more investors than ever before buying property in Qatar to let out.

One of The world’s highest ROI

Primarily, many property investors are interested in Qatar due to the tremendous ROI offerings averaged between 5-7.5% . Double that of numerous international cities including Paris and London. Investors can, therefore, be sure of high rentals that are available in a few parts of the world.

The best Qatar real estate developer

When you’re looking for a real estate investment in Qatar properties, it’s best to opt for a company that can assure higher than average ROI’s. That is, as a leading real estate agent in Qatar, The Pearl Gates guarantee an excellent ROI on any of their luxurious affordable properties.

These are just some of the reasons why individuals are flocking to real estate investment in Qatar. And there are sure to be many more popping up in the years to come. Qatar is genuinely winning the hearts of investors, tenants and the world!

Ramy Wali


Ramy is a devoted professional with over 11 years of experience in retail, project management, and business consulting...

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