Qatar Mortgages Are On The Rise: How Will Property Investment Likely Benefit?

Qatar mortgages are a relatively new topic: the country has been stepping up its lending game since 2018, when certain freehold areas where internationals can obtain Qatari citizenship by purchasing a property up for sale were introduced.

And there’s no sign of backtracking development surrounding mortgages during the lead up to the 2022 Fifa World Cup hosted on the edge of the rising eco-city of Doha, Qatar — and beyond.

Take Qatar Central Bureau as an example — an organisation established in collaboration with Qatar Central Bank in recent years. Their primary goal is to strengthen the local banking system and financial institutions by creating a secure, advanced technological credit system to assist credit facilitators in Qatar.

Thus, it provides extra support and options for individuals wishing to venture into real estate investment while also encouraging the industry’s recovery from the pandemic effects.

Without hesitation, let’s explore the Qatar real estate market and your mortgage and investment options for the current recovery era.

A Larger Selection of Citizenship-granting Areas

In October 2020, the number of specific freehold and leasehold areas where non-Qatari individuals could own properties and obtain citizenship was increased from nine to sixteen.

Sponsorship from a business or individual was necessary formerly. However, you can now buy a property valued above $200,000 in one of the areas and be granted residency throughout your ownership duration with accompanying health care and educational benefits.

Therefore, you can obtain a mortgage alongside a blossoming number of expats moving to the newly-developed communities steeped in architectural beauty and filled with rejuvenating and recreational facilities.

Rental Market Slowly Recovering – Encouraging News for Owner Investors

Did you know around 59% of occupied housing units in Qatar are currently rented according to QSA?

If you are an established or aspiring owner investor, you have the ability to grow your property portfolio in Qatar for considerable rental yields by obtaining a new mortgage — knowing that rental property is a prevailing investment locally.

I’m Ready to Look at My Mortgage Options. What Are They?

  • Qatar mortgages usually do not require up-front fees, provided you set up a bank account with the same lender.
  • You can only borrow up to 70% of the value of the property you are looking to purchase. Meaning a deposit of 30% is required.
  • Both life and property insurance are also required before taking out a mortgage which tends to be levied as a flat or annual fee.
  • If you are an expat in Qatar or wishing to become one, you are allowed to spend a maximum of 50% of your monthly salary on mortgage payments.
  • And to conclude, you’ll be happy to know both fixed and variable-rate mortgages are currently available at record-low levels:
  • Qatar National Bank: rates begin at 2.68% on loans up to QAR 3 million for expats and QAR 12.5 million for locals, with a required income of QAR 15,000 a month.
  • Doha Bank: rates begin at 2.86% up to a borrowing amount of QAR 5 million, subject to earnings of QAR 15,000 a month.

If you would like further information regarding your mortgage or property investment options in Qatar, our team of knowledgeable local property professionals at The Pearl Gates are here to help. Call (+974) 5086 7771 , or you can fill out our form for a call-back; we can discuss your plans in detail.

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