Make your luxury home even more luxurious with these great remodeling tips

Remodeling your luxury home is a great way to elevate the space, increase its value, and improve your quality of life. There is a multitude of luxury home renovation ideas out there, from creating a top-of-the-line theatre room to entertain and impress your guests to installing a modern kitchen with sleek surfaces.

As you take on the challenge of upgrading and enhancing your abode, here are seven helpful tips to keep in mind. If you want to learn more about real estate in Qatar, including houses and properties for rent, get in touch with our team today.

  1. Keep it simple and classic
    Keep your home design chic and sophisticated by sticking to a simple and minimalist design. We tend to over-accessorize when decorating a room, which ends up leading to a messy, disorganized, and cluttered space. That’s why it’s best to choose timeless pieces instead of the currently trending ones. Other design elements such as clean lines, functional spaces, and uncluttered surfaces help maintain a simple and classy look.

  2. Create a good lighting scheme
    Always consider the lighting scheme when remodeling a certain part of your home. A good lighting scheme is essential because it can complement the mood that you’re going for and create an overall sense of balance in terms of lighting.

    Another way to add more light into a room is by using mirrors. Mirrors increase the amount of light in that particular room, which makes the room look and feel more open and spacious. It also adds a touch of luxury and an illusion of depth to your home.

  3. Use a similar palette and materials
    One of the most important elements in a luxury home is the cohesive flow throughout the house. It connects every room to another and it makes the space look more put together. To make this happen, use a similar color scheme and consistent materials for each room.

    Choose one color as your primary color. Neutrals such as white, beige, and grays work best because they are elegant, calming and they provide the perfect base for decorating. Then you can mix it up with secondary, tertiary, and accent colors. Just make sure that you don’t mix too many of these colors because the space can end up looking busy or chaotic.

    Make the look of your luxury home even more cohesive by incorporating the same material in each room. If you have, for example, a brass chandelier in one room, you should have a brass lamp in the other.

  4. Mix and match your materials
    Create contrast by combining different textures and materials. This provides more visual appeal and achieves a sense of harmony in your space. When combining rough and smooth textures, think about how they feel and how far they should be spaced apart. Feel free to mix and match different materials as well. A marble countertop works surprisingly well with wooden chairs.

    And if your home’s interior has too many straight lines and circular patterns introduce a unique and interesting shape to the room. Pieces like a creative bookshelf, unique accent chairs, and unusual furniture enhance the look of your home and prevent it from getting boring.

  5. Hang oversized art
    Take your luxury home to the next level with large scale art. Whether it’s a painting, a photo, or a poster, these artworks are sure to make a statement and let your home stand out. It also creates a focal point and adds more depth to your space.

    Oversized art isn’t confined to the living room. Other great places where you can hang your large pieces are at the entryway, in the dining room, and above your bed (in place of a headboard).

  6. Observe the rule of threes
    This age-old design rule is based on the theory of Feng Shui, which states that odd numbers (especially those in threes) create a well-designed space due to the balance that it brings. The rule of threes should be applied when it comes to the color, size, and shape of your luxury home remodel.

    Color, for example, is best applied in threes: one main color and two secondary colors. These colors may vary from a main neutral color with bold accents and three varying shades of the same color.

  7. Have eco-friendly and sustainable features
    Many luxury homes nowadays boast of eco-friendly and sustainable features, while maintaining its sophisticated design and aesthetic appeal. There are several ways to incorporate eco-friendly materials into your home. You can use reclaimed materials, install energy-efficient windows and appliances, and make use of a solar-powered home system.

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