Lusail City: North Doha’s waterfront real estate gem

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Lusail City is an upcoming, 38-million-sq. m. smart city development in the northern portion of Al Daayen, a municipality in Qatar. Created by the Lusail Real Estate Development Company and Qatari Diar, Lusail City began construction in 2006 and is set to be completed in 2019.

If you’re looking for your next real estate investment, we highly recommend Lusail City. Here’s an overview of this incredible waterfront real estate gem and what you’ll find inside.

Nineteen incredible districts

Lusail is home to 19 districts, each with its own distinct characteristic and style. These districts are:

  • Al Erkyah
  • Al Kharayej Towers
  • Boulevard Commercial
  • Energy City 1
  • Energy City 2
  • Entertainment City
  • Entertainment Island
  • Fox Hills
  • Golf District
  • Lusail Towers
  • Lusail City Commercial Boulevard
  • Marina District
  • Medical and Education District
  • North Residential District
  • Qatar Petroleum District
  • Qetaifan Islands
  • Stadium District
  • Waterfront Commercial District
  • Waterfront Residential District

Lusail can accommodate over 450,000 residents and visitors throughout its 19 districts. The city is also home to four exclusive islands that form part of the entire city. The Qetaifan Islands, located off the coast of Lusail, is a cluster of four offshore islands interconnected to one another and to the mainland by pedestrian and vehicular bridges.

Futuristic, environmental, and sustainable

Built according to Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (QSAS) standards,
Lusail City is the first green city to be constructed in Qatar. Lusail has already earned the distinction as “the city of the future.” Buoyed by its well-thought-out master plan, the city is predicted to become a vibrant and energetic hotspot that will thrust Qatar to the forefront of commerce, economic growth and the modern sustainable lifestyle in the Middle East.

The city will feature a light rail network, a water taxi transportation system, and a cycle and pedestrian network. The city itself was carefully designed and planned so that there will be connectivity and fast access to Doha, the AlKhor Highway, and the Hamad International Airport.

The developers of Lusail City understand the importance of integrating green spaces into the urban environment. That’s why around 30% of the land in Lusail is devoted to green, open spaces.

Watch out for these notable landmarks:

  • Lusail Marina walkway – Located in the Marina District, this world-class walkway covers over 142,600 square meters and boasts of green spaces, picturesque landscapes, and dancing fountains. It also has a 4.2 km-long sea façade.
  • Burj Alfardan – This 32-storey, mixed-use tower in the Marina District is an architectural masterpiece. Using a combination of geometric and organic shapes, the Burj Alfardan features a curved exterior and a shiny façade.
  • Lusail Stadium – Also known as the Lusail Iconic Stadium, this 80,000-seat football arena will be used as the venue for the opening and closing games of the upcoming 2022 World Cup. The Lusail Stadium is currently under construction and it is expected to be ready by 2020.


Exceptional entertainment and recreational facilities

Residents and visitors of Lusail will find a wide variety of entertainment and recreational facilities here, especially in Entertainment City. This district is home to a modern theme park complete with an aquarium, water park, snow dome, and a 1-kilometer-long beach.

Construction of a prestigious shopping mall is also underway in Lusail City. Named after the iconic square in Paris, the Place Vendome in Qatar will be a massive shopping and entertainment destination. The development will cover around 1,000,000 square meters and will house more than 400 retail outlets, five-star luxury hotels, and exclusive serviced apartments.

Three of the southern Qetaifan islands will also contain souqs (open-air marketplaces), along with an active marina waterfront.

Real estate opportunities in Lusail City

Lusail City offers a wide variety of properties to invest in such as high-rise, mixed-use, residential, and commercial buildings. If you’re looking for a worthwhile real estate investment in Qatar, then this is it. By the time the city is 100% complete, residences here will consist of around 40,000 apartments, 3,000 villas, and 90 townhouses within 15 of the city’s districts. More properties are already being planned for construction in the coming years, providing huge income potential for both local and international investors.

Given this entire spectrum of real estate opportunities, you have the option to buy and rent or buy and sell. Regardless of the option you choose, these real estate properties in Lusail are guaranteed profit makers.

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