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Dubai ranks first in the United Arab Emirates in terms of the number of expats. The state's loyal visa policy and a vast number of free zones for the purchase of real estate by non-citizens attract more than just those who intend to establish permanent residency. As an investment, many are exploring real estate for sale in Downtown Dubai, the UAE, and other prominent areas of the emirate. Let's determine why investing in the UAE residential properties is lucrative.


In the emirates, there are no income taxes on individuals. People do not pay taxes on any sort of profit, including real estate leasing profits. Additionally, there are no taxes on the acquisition and ownership of real estate, its inheritance, or any other form of transfer. You are not required to pay a charge to offer a close relative an apartment as a gift.

The only exception is the registration charge associated with property purchases. It is 4% of the value of the property. If you invest in a property that is under development, many developers cover the entire registration price or 50 percent of it. Investors are attracted to this word.

Additionally, there is favorable tax treatment for business owners. When registering a business in one of the free economic zones, there are no VAT payments, corporate taxes, or income taxes. Until 01.06.2023, other companies registered in other areas do not pay the tax, but this will change. A business with an annual income of more than $100,000 will be subject to a 9% income tax.


There is a diverse selection of properties available in Dubai for purchasers with varying income levels. You can purchase a modest studio apartment for slightly more than $100,000 or a lavish villa or penthouse for several million US dollars. Simultaneously, all real estate units are in high demand. Moreover, demand for opulent mansions is rising significantly.

The prices are increasing in tandem with the buyers' enthusiasm. Only during the first quarter of 2022 has the average price per square meter of real estate hit $6000. This is 7.5% more on a yearly basis. Additionally, the number of transactions is expanding steadily.

Foreign investors are mainly interested in waterfront properties. Such homes provide ample options for restful stays and are in demand among prospective tenants. Despite Dubai's extensive coastline, the available land for development is fast diminishing. The greater the demand, the greater the possibility that in five to ten years only secondary housing stock will be available. Unavoidably, prices will rise, making waterfront apartments a potentially lucrative investment opportunity.


Foreign investors are eligible for mortgage loans. The government does not place tight limitations on non-residents because it benefits from obtaining foreign capital. The sole disadvantage is that overseas buyers typically face less favorable terms than UAE nationals. Foreigners can typically claim a lesser sum, and interest rates may also vary. In this case, however, much depends on the terms of a specific financial institution. The average annual credit rate is between 3.8% and 4.2%. The terms for mortgages range from 10 to 20 years. A elderly citizen's credit application may be declined.

The requirements for international borrowers pertain to their financial viability. A bank statement detailing the account balance for the last six or twelve months is necessary. The mortgage registration process might take anywhere from one week to one month, depending on the accuracy with which the essential documents are filled out and the specific bank.

Typically, the best payment plan for purchasing a home is the one offered by the developer. It does not incur additional costs and entails an initial payment followed by subsequent payments over a certain period of time. The majority of the property price is paid upon commissioning. There are properties that offer additional payments upon the completion of the development. Another advantage of purchasing pre-construction real estate is the affordable pricing. At least 15 to 20% less expensive than at the time of development delivery.


The provision of "golden visas" for the purchase of real estate is another action taken by the government to attract international investors. Now, in order to secure a 10-year residence visa, the acquisition of a house worth more than $547,000 is required. Prior to the adoption of the new municipal laws in 2022, this amount was five times more. Moreover, innovations touched on the following:

You may purchase many properties; it is permissible to purchase both completed and unfinished properties; the use of credit funds is permitted, but only from state-approved institutions.

The holder of a residence visa may apply for his spouse and children to receive one. There is also the option of obtaining a residence permit if less expensive housing is purchased. The purchase of a home worth at least $204,000 qualifies you for a 3-year visa. You can extend this visa in the future, but only provided you keep the right to hold it: you cannot sell the property on which the resident visa was obtained.


Foreign nationals may rent out their property without being permanent residents. The most frequent structure is for a local corporation to administer the property in trust. The management business assumes full responsibility for monitoring the property's condition and locating renters. This service costs twenty percent of the property's annual rental income in this location.


Dubai's return on investment surpasses 7 percent. Waterfront properties, as well as those located in the city's core, are in high demand. Studio apartments and 1- or 2-bedroom apartments are preferred by vacationers. The majority of rich tenants seeking long-term rental properties favor villas and upscale homes. Please visit for additional information regarding the most lucrative real estate sales offer in Dubai.

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