How can you benefit from property snagging & handover services that are becoming sought-after in Qatar?

Moving home is one of the busiest occasions we experience in life. Between completing the paperwork and moving possessions, small details are often missed. 

If you notice any damage or defects in your property, no matter how small, it is up to you to report them to your property developer/builder. For this reason, it is advantageous to get a professional to carry out a snagging inspection on your property in Qatar.

This service is becoming more popular locally. Why? Because property snagging and handover services offer financial security and peace of mind before selling, leasing out or moving into a newly-built home.

In our recent YouTube video, Helen Moulder, our experienced Leasing Team Leader, explains all about professional property snagging services and what benefits they offer. Take a watch or read on for further information.

What is property snagging?

Property snagging begins by curating a list as part of the snagging inspection on a newly-built home. It identifies damages and defects of the property - both structural and cosmetic - that fall short of industry and contractual standards, and must be corrected before moving in or out.

A multitude of small to large issues could be found inside a property and also outside in the garden and driveway. However, many are unobvious to someone unfamiliar with the construction of a property, such as sealant inconsistencies or electrical faults.