Fix and Flip

Fix and Flip allows buyers to purchase a property that needs improvements while paying under the market rates. Each property is identified as having real opportunity for significant improvement, with an expectation of reaching a profitable sales price on the completion of renovations or building work. The properties are expected to be held for a short period, potentially using borrowing to improve and then sell at an above-market rate.

The Benefits

Fix and Flip offers the benefits of a lower purchase price from the outset, and the chance to decide how and what to renovate or construct. Pearl Gates offers a Construction Cost Estimator tool that can help you as you decide on the profitability of your project. Fix and Flip also offers a holding period and works on existing assumptions of the market.

Facts and Figures
  • Unit Type: Two bedroom apartments In Porto Arabia
  • Size: 190 sq m
  • Renovation costs: QAR 100,000
  • Hold Period: 4 months
  • Purchase method: Cash (potential financing option at a future date)
  • Sale Price: QAR 1,966,750 including closing costs

Ramy Wali


Ramy is a devoted professional with over 11 years of experience in retail, project management, and business consulting...

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