FIFA Opens Door for Reselling FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Tickets

FIFA has announced that fans who have purchased online tickets in accordance with the Terms of Sale of Online Tickets to the Public can resell their tickets on the official FIFA Resale Platform.

The FIFA website indicates that the resale window for Qatar World Cup tickets is open until August 16, 2022 at 11:00 CEST / 12:00 (midday) Doha time.

As the tournament approaches, the "FIFA Ticketing" Foundation will provide another window for ticket resales, during a period that will be announced in due time on the FIFA website.

FIFA explained on its website that Qatar World Cup tickets can be resold by logging into their ticket account, clicking on the links provided below, and selecting "Resell tickets" from the side menu.

International Customers Link: en.html?queue=05-FWC22-FCFS-PROD (From outside Qatar)

Qatar residents link: en.html?queue=05-FWC22-FCFS-PROD

According to FIFA, the official ticket resale platform allows original ticket buyers (including buyers of tickets offered on the ticket resale platform) who respected the terms of online ticket sales to the public during the purchase process to recover a portion of the cost of tickets they no longer wish to use for themselves or their guests, provided that FIFA Ticketing is able to sell the tickets displayed on the Ticket Resale Platform.

  • The original ticket purchaser may offer any number of his guest tickets for resale on the ticket resale platform, while retaining the remaining tickets for his own use.
  • If the original ticket purchaser wishes to offer his tickets on the resale platform, he must offer for resale all tickets purchased for the same match, and guests are not permitted to attend a match without the original ticket purchaser.
  • FIFA Ticketing determines the prices of all available tickets on the resale platform, which may be lower or higher than the prices paid by the original purchaser.
  • The tickets for sale on the resale platform do not include information about the original purchaser or the price paid by the original purchaser.
  • So long as the ticket is available on the resale marketplace, neither the original purchaser nor his guest will be able to use it.
  • FIFA Ticketing may only offer the Team Ticket series and Four Stadium Ticket series tickets for resale on the Resale Platform after the tickets have been officially delivered to the original ticket purchaser (that is after the match has been selected and added to the tickets).
  • Conditional tickets may not be offered for resale on the resale platform if the relevant team has not been nominated for the specified stage of the tournament and FIFA Ticketing has not delivered tickets for the match to the original ticket purchaser.

It is important to note that the Refunds If the ticket is successfully resold on the ticket resale platform in accordance with the general ticket resale policy, FIFA Ticketing Foundation will refund the original purchaser the price of the tickets, less the resale fee, within thirty (30) business days after the Resale window closes.

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