An Expert’s Guide on The Cost of Selling a Property in Qatar

An Expert’s Guide On The Cost Of Selling A Property In Qatar

With no property tax and gross rental yields of 6.5% on apartments, compared to 5.19% achievable in Dubai, investing in Qatar’s real estate market is positively lucrative.

If you are an investor, you have likely experienced the rewards of the market and also know that the costs associated with buying a property are more evident than when selling.

Hence, a question we are often asked as experienced Qatar real estate market realtors is: what are the costs of selling a property in Qatar?

Perhaps you want to sell to invest in new property and want to have a better idea of the costs of selling. We at The Pearl Gates recently curated a video on this topic hosted by Louanne Rodrigues, one of our expert sales advisors.

Your Selling Costs Checklist

Title Deed Costs

When you bought a unit, the property developer issued a title deed in your name. When you sell, this deed is passed on for 1.25% of the unit value. On the resale of a newer unit, the percentage will vary from developer to developer.

Seller’s Charge

Every quarter, a seller’s charge is paid to the master developer of your unit. You are required to pay this off in full before your sales transaction and any outstanding utility bills.

Agency Fees

A 2% agency fee is standard throughout The Pearl, QatarLusail and West Bay. Agency fees in other areas of Qatar vary slightly from this figure.

Working with a reputable real estate agent will help you deal with all legalities of your sale in the easiest and most stress-free way, as outside parties are often involved, as mentioned in part above, and the process takes time.

It is also helpful to have these documents at your disposal when meeting with your realtor:

  • An ID: original and a copy
  • Original property deed
  • A comprehensive property snagging report

We at The Pearl Gates will be happy to provide specialised assistance and conduct a free valuation on your property in Doha or surrounding areas to get you on your way to selling. Our property valuators are expert market analysts on a quarter-quarter basis to calculate a more realistic real estate value.

In addition, we can create a tailored marketing campaign that best positions your property in the current market so that you sell at the best price in the fastest possible time.

We can also guide you further by advising on the best properties for ROI in Doha, Qatar, for your next investment.

Start selling with a free valuation of your property in Doha or surrounding areas by calling (+ 974) 4419 5421.

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