6 key reasons why foreign direct investment into Qatar’s property market is blossoming

Considering buying property in Qatar? Discovering why real estate investment in Qatar is gaining momentum compared to other international markets could turn your maybe into a resounding YES.

After all, Qatar is the most inspiring economy in the Middle East. Its consistently high GDP and government policies that support an influx of population are just two aspects driving foreign direct investment (FDI) into Qatar’s real estate market.

Residency visas for expats

The Office for Non-Qatari Real Estate Ownership was recently established in Doha, Qatar, according to Cabinet Resolution No.28 of 2020, to support aspiring Qatar expats.

International individuals and their immediate family can now legally work and live in Qatar after securing a modern yet architecturally beautiful new home in the new, developing areas mainly around Doha.
Key facts:

  • Business sponsorship is no longer needed.
  • A $200,000 property purchase secures temporary residence for the term of ownership.
  • A $1 million property investment secures the benefits of permanent residence, i.e. highly subsidised school and healthcare fees.