5 reasons to stop renting and start buying a property in Qatar

Is it the right time to stop renting and start owning? 5 reasons why buying a property in Qatar could be your best move, from the top real estate agents in Qatar.

Do you dream of a future where you’re no longer giving away a substantial portion of your salary to your landlord every month? 

Buying your first property in Qatar can seem daunting at times, but in comparison to renting, investing in a home is sure to grant you more freedom. Whilst also giving you that powerful feeling of having a home that you can wholly call your own!

Is now a good time to buy properties for sale in Qatar? Watch our video below or read on for your top 5 reasons why buying could be your best option, curated by our experienced real estate agents in Qatar:

Mortgaging is proving more affordable than renting

Let’s say you’re looking to buy a one-bedroom apartment for sale in Qatar at The Pearl. The monthly mortgage you’ll pay is currently an average QAR 6,500 rather than around QAR 8,500 towards rent. Saving you up to QAR 24,000 every year if you opt for a fixed-rate mortgage with a required 30% down payment.

Property prices are also remaining affordable, with a 1.15% drop this year in the latest quarter.

Mortgage interest rates are low 

Compared to previous years, mortgage interest rates in Qatar are notably low. You can take out a mortgage with a local bank with rates starting at just about 2.2% onwards, resulting in reasonable monthly mortgage repayments.

An investment made in heaven

You’ve probably heard that real estate is one of the best investments – and we have to agree! Buying a property in Qatar leads to long term appreciation for your home. Something unattainable through renting.

Many realty experts – including the Pearl Gates team – predict property prices will rise in the lead up to Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup. That’s great news if you happen to sell in the future or wish to rent your property out for considerable rental returns. 

Decorate your way 

Being able to decorate on your own merits is one of the most underappreciated benefits of homebuying. So why not add a safe outdoor outlet to your balcony for your devices? Or an indoor garden? Two outstanding elements to add for at-home social distancing. 

Buying is easier than you might expect 

Permanent visa-granting communities, including The Pearl and West Bay and the incredible Lusail City, are making it easier and more incentivising for expat tenants to switch to homeownership. 

The market also has an abundance of great property deals found directly through real estate agents, and some, just like our team, also offer bespoke interior design concepts. 

Isn’t it time you started owning your home and your future? If so, The Pearl Gates can provide a helping hand throughout your property journey. 

Let’s get you started by selecting a property together that’s right for you, at the right price – contact our reliable real estate agents in Qatar. We specialise in luxury properties within freehold visa-granting communities – don’t forget to talk to us about them! 

In case you missed it, watch our video on YouTube here:

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