5 healthy habits for mind & body: the Pearl Gates Qatar helps you through social distancing

Social distancing measures have been in place since March here in Qatar. That’s three whole months in new routines for members of our Pearl Gates Qatar team. And it hasn’t all been plain sailing.

From the wellbeing of loved ones to not knowing what’s right around the corner, worrying is too easy when many of us have more time to sit and think. We procrastinate, over-analyze, get stressed out – you name it! Thus, it’s important now more than ever to check in on our mental and physical health every-single-day.

Yet, there are activities that our Doha property specialists have equally enjoyed during social distancing, which have led us to discover some fantastic new healthy habits that you could try. They’ll help you cut through the noise and focus more frequently on what matters the most: you and your family’s safety, health and happiness!

Try these 5 ways to boost your mental positivity and health at home:

1.Unleash your creativity

Do you have a hidden talent that you’ve yet to show the world? Whether it’s your love of singing or your eye for fashion. Perhaps a hand at gardening? Why not start a YouTube channel or invest in a new piece of equipment? Whatever soothes your soul – do it often!

2. Just breathe

Sounds simple right? But shallow breathing is very common. To check if you’re breathing correctly: take a breath and notice if your shoulders rise by more than a couple of centimetres. If they do, it’s a sign that you may not be breathing fully from your diaphragm (the pit of your stomach). Breathing more deeply will help you relax more and procrastinate less.

3. Learn a new skill

You could plan and use this extra time to invest in your future Try an online course or attend weekly free webinars by popular institutions specialising in online programs. That’s two sure-fire ways to build your confidence and prospects!

4. Take vitamins to boost your immune system