5 easy home upgrade ideas to boost your sales price and attract more buyers

Did you know that Qatar and Dubai real estate agents, including our own, do not just study the large factors of a property, such as its location, number of bedrooms and age, when conducting a pre-sale price valuation? 

These are all valid elements, but we actually start to evaluate a property before we reach the front door. And once inside, look for distinctive features that buyers will love, no matter how small.

Use our simple but successful home upgrade ideas to catch the eye and hopes of more buyers at your viewings to encourage more offers and a higher sales price for your property. You will then have an easier time buying a new property in Qatar or Dubai as a homeowner or investor!

Increase your property’s curb appeal

Making a great first impression on prospective buyers is crucial to attracting more offers. It is therefore important to increase the curb appeal of your house, apartment or villa by creating a scene that is a joy to come home to every day.