Renting a Property in Qatar: Your Essential 12-points Tenancy Agreement Checklist

After weeks or even months of searching for an apartment for rent in Qatar, you come upon the perfect match—a place to call your home within the flourishing Gulf nation. An inner voice, however, reminds you to double-check contractual terms before taking the plunge. And here you arrive. 

Our latest video hosted by The Pearl Gates’ expert Leasing Property Consultant for Qatar real estate, Isabelle Familiaran, explores content – valid local leasing agreement advice saves you hours researching the answers. 

Watch our video to start learning, or you may prefer to use our useful advice below as a checklist. 

Are all the property’s details correct?

Suffice to say, the property’s details need to be mentioned clearly and correctly at the beginning of a tenancy agreement. Can you easily identify:

  • A correct address for the property.  
  • The total number of parking spaces.
  • The contractual lease term (typically one year).
  • An agreed monthly rental amount with accompanying due payment dates. It’s also important to note that many landlords require pre-dated rental payment cheques up to 12 months in advance before starting a tenancy. 
  • You need to adhere to the terms and conditions when handing the apartment over at the end of a lease term — such as preserving its fit and usable condition — to re-obtain your security deposit. 

Who’s responsible for what regarding the tenancy?

After checking the prior, go ahead and determine:

  • Who’s in charge of paying utility bills. Deciphering between if it’s yours or your landlord’s responsibility will help you manage initial payments.
  • If there’s a service charge for cleaning services, concierge etc. 
  • What happens if you break any contractual agreements such as leaving the tenancy early. Check the early termination section of the agreement, which often mentions a penalty and the need for two months notice.
  • What you can and can’t do at the property, i.e. running a business or converting a balcony. 

Can the property be modified? 

One of the most satisfying elements of moving to a new home is the freedom to embellish it with new or your much-loved furniture and appliances. Are there however specifics regarding larger-scale redecorations and renovations in the agreement? Check:

  • If you can make any changes to the rental property in Qatar, some landlords prefer no hole drilling into walls whilst others allow for complete repainting and even removing internal walls. 

Who’s responsible for maintenance and emergency callouts?

Predicaments are bound to happen from time to time; it’s thus best to prepare for such events at the rental property by:

  • Identifying who to call if there’s an emergency such as a gas leak or structural issue. The agreement should mention important contacts. Why not save them on your phone? 
  • Checking who will be conducting annual gas, water and electricity checks. 

If you have any queries about your pending tenancy agreement or any missed clauses, we recommend speaking to your landlord or agency before signing anything. Or if you would benefit from impartial advice from some of the best in the real estate business here in Qatar, our real estate agents are here to help you accordingly, do get in touch.  

In case you missed it, watch our accompanying video here

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